How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay

Basically, most students come across a 5 paragraph essay in their primary school level. However, don’t be surprised to get a standardized assignment or test in high school or college instructing you to write a 5 paragraph essay on a certain topic. Now, this is where you know that it’s important to keep the long taught format in your mind, especially if it’s an exam room,and you can’t refer anywhere. To keep you always on the safe side, we have decided to remind you how to write a five paragraph essay and provide you with an 5 paragraph essay outline.
Typically, what the professor expects from you is a 3-section writing that includes an Introduction, an Explanation or a Body, and finally a Conclusion. These 3 sections are further divided into 1-introduction paragraph, 3- supportive or explanatory paragraphs, and 1- concluding paragraph, making the 5 paragraphs. Some people refer to this kind of an essay as prosaic writing or composition. A 5 paragraph essay can either be a narrative, an argumentative story, an expository, a persuasive essay, a comparative or a literary.
How many words in a 5 paragraph essay? A typical 5-paragraph essay contains a minimum of 600 words and a maximum of up to 850 words. Let’s learn how to write each essay, shall we?

1st Paragraph

This is the Introduction. It’s the opening forum for the essay. It is your work to write in a special manner to captivate the reader, bring forth your topic, and attract the reader with some curiosity, or have the urge to read the rest of the essay. It’s the most essential paragraph hence clarity and incitement should be the core factors to implement. This is the navigator to the rest of the content in your essay. A reader can either read the entire article because of a good introduction or get disinterested with the rest of your work after reading the introduction. Set aside to plan on the components of your introduction to make it as effective as possible. Address your main idea, introduce your thesis statement, and support the thesis in the same paragraph.

2nd, 3rd, and 4th Paragraphs

These paragraphs contain the Explanation or the Body. What do they comprise? In these paragraphs, you should elaborate on your main ideas in each paragraph, state your support statements for each idea, and back the supporting statement with some examples or evidence. Each paragraph should exploit one main idea in the order of preference. This means that the second paragraph should talk about your first main idea, the third paragraph should exploit the second main idea while the fourth paragraph exploits the third most important point. In case you have more than 3 points or ideas, you can discuss them briefly in the fourth paragraph in 2 or three sentences but after fully discussing your third main point.
In these three paragraphs, provide details such as facts, references, quotes, and concrete data to fully support your thesis that you stated in the introduction. Discuss the ideas, mentioned in the first paragraph here. Commence with the thesis statement, state the supporting ideas, and finalize every paragraph with evidence. This is the most effective way to write each paragraph in the body.
Use transition words like, however, moreover, therefore and others to make your work coherent and flowing. This will make the reader fall in love with your work.

The Fifth Paragraph

Last but not least, we have the fifth paragraph as the conclusion. This paragraph is equally important to the introduction. Here, you give a summary of your essay. Avoid repeating or rephrasing yourself. The best way to do it is to rephrase your thesis statement, link it to the arguments in the body, and say how they anchor your thesis. If you desire to leave a lasting mark to your reader, end the conclusion with a rhetoric question or an anecdote.
Now with the above tips, getting your essay done is a piece of cake. However, would you like to pay someone to do my homework? There are numerous online helpers online.